Photo by Thea Glassman for SELF Magazine, 2017

Photo by Thea Glassman for SELF Magazine, 2017




"Recently, I received a strange magazine in the mail. The bright-red, glossy cover bore a single word: Math. What was this mysterious Math magazine? I opened it and found, to my surprise, that it was full of porn. Luminous naked bodies filled the pages in artsy photo spreads and erotic illustrations. ... [Read More]

The Creators Project

From the well-worn erotic sculptures of the Greeks and Romans, to the sticky pages of the Kama Sutra, to the Lacanian labyrinth of porn sites, smut has come quite a long way over thousands of years, as have the ways in which we enjoy it. ...[Read More]


From the outside, Math Magazine looks more like a vintage textbook or old-school medical journal than a porn magazine. And that’s exactly the point. “Our discreet design and name allow readers, also known as Mathletes, to inconspicuously look at pornography in public ..." [Read More]




Unlike most porn producers, we aren’t selling you an unobtainable fantasy," she says. In her eyes, this approach translates into more meaningful sexual experiences and relationships in general. "Through empathy, communication, and trust we can find what we need in love and lust." Peck hopes that one day her magazine will no longer be seen as rebellious. [Read More]

Huck magazinE

It’s a chilly day in Williamsburg, but it’s warm and cozy inside this small apartment. MacKenzie Peck – twenty-eight-year-old freelance designer by day, feminist pornographer of her quarterly Math Magazine by night – has just shot naked for her own feature, on a rooftop wearing nothing but ... [Read More]

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